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Working for more than ten years in the world of politics, finance, entertainment, show business and sport, the GMC Defence Services Srl can provide in the short term efficient and successful plans and apply operational provisions for different types of security services.

Each solution is the result an in-depth analysis of the risks that each service may inherently have and is carefully carried out by our specialists during the study of the procedure itself. A meticulous selection of the security personnel combined with a specialised training, the constant synergy between the operational teams, the service managers, and the administrative department, as well as the skilful use of a cutting-edge technology, all those elements represent the strengths of our agency in the field.


With a view to providing increasingly competitive solutions and suitable answers for the requirements of each customer, over the years our company has specialised in the following security services throughout the Italian country and abroad:

  • Security services for small and large events;
  • Risk Menagement;
  • Daytime and night residential security;

  • Access control;
  • K-9 Units;
  • Metal Detection;

  • Construction yards and endangered facilities surveillance;
  • Shoplifting deterrence services;
  • Trustee concierge and custody.

CPO Personal security

CPO Personal Security – Customized Close Protection

International companies, businessman, people in the world of the politics, cinema, culture, entertainment, and sport rely on our customized assistance services. The several experiences acquired in national and international contexts have allowed our CPOs to acquire and enhance their training in the field of Close Protection, always guaranteeing our clients an efficient and safe service.


All our analysts are able to study the specific needs of the customer in an accurate way and plan every detail of the operation on field, leaving nothing to chance and knowing well any potential risk arising from each operational activity. The act of planning, which is carried out by a team of experts, linked to the organisational skills and the prompt decision-making of our CPOs, enables us to provide our clients with a complete, effective, and functional service.


The ultimate goal is to make sure that the operation is conducted in complete safety, since the preparatory analysis of the practice and the process of anticipation of any potential risk make it possible to avoid and quickly prevent all the problems occurring.


Surveillance for Construction yards and endangered facilities surveillance

Due to their structural conformations, movable or fixed scaffolding, the presence of valuable materials, and expensive machinery, construction sites are sensitive places often subject to theft, looting, and vandalism. In order to prevent these types of unlawful activities in high-risk locations, the GMC Defence Services Srl wants to offer specific surveillance activities dedicated to the protection of these sensitive areas.


Therefore, our agency provides surveillance services that are carried out 24 hours a day by qualified providers, equipped with their own car, and constantly connected with our operating unit.


Thanks to the activation of our surveillance services, those entrepreneurs who decide to entrust their facilities under construction to the professionalism of our providers are now able to run their businesses in total safety and without any concern, knowing that their properties are always under observation and safe.

Trustee concierge and custody

Residential control and protection

The latest statistical surveys show that burglaries and break-ins in private houses, villas, and residences are constantly increasing. Acts of this kind cause considerable damages to property owners who, in some instances, can be accidentally and physically involved in these risky situations.


In order to prevent these unpleasant events, the GMC Defence Services Srl has developed a prevention and control service for these risk areas with the aim of protecting the property and assets of its clients.


Our agency provides highly qualified providers, equipped with the latest technology, with the task of guarding our clients’ property at night and during the most sensitive time slots. In addition, all our providers work with the utmost discretion and together with our operations room; in the event of emergency or risky situation, they can activate the appropriate alerts to the police in real time.