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Our experts can plan, organise, and manage different types of events, including fairs, meetings, conventions, touring activities and the reception of guests and VIPs, always guaranteeing an all-round coverage for the entire duration of each individual service. Thanks to its proven experience in the field, the GMC Defence Services Srl can offer the logistical and operational support required for the smooth running of each event. You can find a list of our services below:

  • Reception and promotion services;
  • Professional tour leader;
  • Promoter;

  • Drivers;
  • Hostess;
  • Steward;

  • Interpreter;
  • Valet parking;
  • Hostess ECM;
  • Entertainers / Make-up artists for children

Events Management

Events support services

The GMC Defence Services Srl provides reception and assistance services with qualified personnel, selected through strict criteria and with documented reliability throughout Italy and abroad.


This type of service involves reception and promotion activities with specific professional figures, such as hostesses, stewards, promoters, image hostesses, driver services, valet parking, professional tour leaders and interpreters at trade fairs, meetings, conventions, events, congresses, exhibitions, film premieres, and tours. Throughout the whole duration of the collaboration with the client, the GMC Defence Services Srl provides management, consulting, and coordination services, ensuring the utmost seriousness and taking care of every detail.


Our staff can manage the logistical and operational phase, always focusing on the brand protection and customer needs, respecting the established timeframe and quality standards.